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Ecopoon is above all the story of two friends : Maxime and Cyril, founders of Ecopoon.

Through their range of tasty cutlery, they try hard to promote a new way of doing business: more local and more respectful of the Planet.

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Local Production

In addition to the ecological aspect of our range of cutlery, we do everything possible to develop our project in a consistent manner, at all levels. Ecopoon is, among other things, a local supply in short circuits. The main raw material, wheat flour, comes from the Moulins du Val Dieu, which are located only 10km from our production workshop. This mill works with regional farmers and advocate sustainable agriculture.

Local supply chain is also at the heart of our vision. We want to develop Ecopoon through local production all over the world in order to maintain a strong local base.

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Circular Economy

Zero waste and much more!

We want to continue to develop our project in a circular economy dynamic.

In this context, we have developed a recipe that includes spent grain from the brewing of cereals during the production of beer. This recipe is rich in fibre and allows us to use a waste product and reduce the use of other raw materials (wheat flour).

And this is only the beginning! We have many ideas for new recipes based on by-products.


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Where can you find us ?

Rue de Nazareth, 11

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