Rediscover taste with our edible ice cream spoons

Welcome to Ecopoon, the innovation that’s transforming the ice cream tasting experience. Imagine your customers’ surprise when they discover they can eat their ice cream scoop! This idea, as innovative as it is ecological, is the raison d’être of our products. We’ve developed two variants to perfectly suit your ice cream business: the edible dessert spoon, which we’ve named Cuillette, and its little sister, specifically designed for takeaway ice cream, the Glacette. These edible ice-cream scoops have been designed to meet your needs as an ice-cream maker: a tough, tasty product at an affordable price. Cardboard or bamboo ice cream scoops will have to come to terms with the fact that the future is here!

Tough, crunchy spoons for ice-cream parlour !

At Ecopoon, we’ve worked tirelessly to guarantee your customers an unforgettable experience. Our edible spoons retain their unique crunch even after 50 minutes in the ice. Your customers will have finished their ice cream long before our spoons lose their texture! With a natural taste that blends perfectly with all flavors, our edible spoons are guaranteed to put a smile on your customers’ faces, a unique experience that will keep them loyal to your brand.

Ecological ice cream spoons: our commitment at Ecopoon

Ecology is more than a word to us, it’s a mission. We welcome the ban on single-use plastic and are proud to offer a sustainable and responsible alternative with our edible spoons specially designed for ice cream parlors. By choosing Ecopoon, you’re not only offering your customers a unique tasting experience, but also conveying the image of a modern ice cream parlour that cares about its environmental impact.

Personalize your Ecopoon edible spoons

To take the experience you offer your customers even further, Ecopoon can engrave your logo on our edible spoons. It’s an innovative and effective way to make an impact, while taking part in the ecological revolution. Offer your customers a memorable taste experience while underlining your commitment to the planet.

Why choose Ecopoon edible spoons for your ice creams?

By choosing Ecopoon, you’re opting for a solution that combines ecology, innovation and customer satisfaction. Our edible spoons are designed to resist, to enjoy and to respect the environment. They’re the perfect choice for any ice cream parlour that wants to offer its customers an unforgettable experience while helping to combat single-use plastic. Don’t waste another minute and order your Ecopoon edible spoons today!

Photo des cuillettes intégrée dans le logo Ecopoon


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