Edible dainties for businesses

Ecopoon edible stirrers are the ideal business accessory, especially next to the coffee machine. Replace wooden or plastic spinners with our crunchy, delicious edible spinners. Offer your employees and customers a unique taste experience with a hint of speculoos in every spoonful.


Environmentally-friendly edible cutlery

In a world where environmental responsibility is essential, adopting Ecopoon edible spoons in your company is a concrete gesture towards reducing your ecological footprint. Show your commitment to sustainability by offering your visitors and colleagues an amazing taste experience. Personalize edible cutlery with your logo to add a subtle touch to your brand image.

Edible spoons for every occasion

Our edible stirrers are ideal for a wide range of corporate occasions. Whether to accompany a cup of hot coffee, a fragrant tea or a refreshing beverage, our stirrers add a touch of crunch and flavour to every sip. Discover our range of natural or speculoos-tipped edible spinners and amaze your colleagues and visitors.


Versatile, creative applications

Our edible spoons are not limited to the coffee machine. Give free rein to your creativity and explore new ways of using our products. Organize tastings, corporate events or incentives where our edible cutlery will add a touch of originality and pleasure. For tours of your facilities, offer a cocktail reception accompanied by our edible spoons to impress your guests. Explore the many possibilities offered by our product range and let yourself be inspired.

Photo des cuillettes intégrée dans le logo Ecopoon


Make your customers fall in love with you for good.


Technical data

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