GLACETTE, the edible spoons for ice creams

Enjoy your favorite ice creams with the Glacette Ecopoon, the benchmark edible ice cream scoop. Conceived after extensive discussions with professional ice-cream makers, our Glacette offers a compact, practical and solid design, replacing other options for easy gourmet tasting. Whether you're on the street, on the beach or in bed, our ice cream scoop is there to accompany you!


Glacettes - The best edible ice cream scoop for enjoying your favorite ice creams

Imagine melt-in-your-mouth ice cream, enhanced by an ice cream cookie that adds the final gourmet touch. At Ecopoon, we’ve transformed this sensation by giving our ice cream scoop the crunch and irresistible taste of a cookie. Crunching your spoon after enjoying your ice cream is a totally new and fun experience. Don’t delay in discovering this unique sensation!

Discover Ecopoon ice cream, a delicious, eco-friendly alternative

With Ecopoon, you can enjoy our delicious ice cream scoops while protecting the environment. By choosing our Glacettes, you’re helping to reduce waste, as they’re completely edible. What’s more, our edible ice-cream spoons are competitively priced, comparable to cardboard or bamboo spoons. Choose an ecological and economical solution for your gustatory pleasure.


Eco-responsible ice cream scoops for a unique gourmet experience

With our Glacette Ecopoon, you can enjoy your favorite ice creams with a spoon that’s both tasty and environmentally friendly. Its compact, durable design makes it the ideal accessory for your gourmet moments, whether at an outdoor picnic, a day at the beach or simply at home. Don’t just eat ice cream, enjoy a unique experience with our edible ice cream scoop!

Customizable ice cream spoons to reinforce your brand image

At Ecopoon, we offer you the possibility of customizing your Glacettes with your logo. Add a discreet but effective touch to your brand image by ordering personalized edible ice cream spoons. Offer your customers a unique experience and leave your mark on every tasting. Contact us today to discuss your specific customization needs.