The benefits of Ecopoon edible spoons for caterers

Transform your catering services with Ecopoon’s edible spoons. Enhance your zakouskis with our Apérettes and create a sensation with an innovative, eco-friendly taste experience. Our Dessert Spoons and Coffee Touillettes add an unforgettable finishing touch to your events.


Less washing-up, more efficiency

With Ecopoon, no more broken verrines or countless spoons to clean. Our edible cutlery lightens your logistics and turns your food into a unique experience for your customers. What’s more, by using our products, you’re helping to reduce waste and adopt a more environmentally-friendly approach.

A durable and practical edible spoon

Our edible spoons withstand hot food for at least 5 minutes, and up to 50 minutes in contact with cold food. Prepare your services in advance without fear! Thanks to their durability and practicality, Ecopoon spoons are the ideal choice for caterers wishing to optimize their working time.


A variety of flavours to suit all tastes

Ecopoon edible spoons are available in several flavors to suit all types of dishes and events. Whether with a touch of rosemary for your zakouskis, a delicious taste of speculoos to accompany coffee or tea, or a plain flavor for your desserts, our edible spoons will delight your customers’ taste buds.

Ecopoon edible spoons: added value for your catering services

More than just cutlery, Ecopoon edible spoons add value to your dishes and make your work easier when dismantling them.

Offering your customers a fun and original taste experience has never been easier or more accessible. The unique crunch and delicious taste of our edible spoons add a whole new dimension to your culinary creations. Your guests will be delighted not only by your delicious dishes, but also by the accompanying spoons.

Opt for an exclusive look by personalizing your spoons with an engraving, such as your logo or the first name of the event host.

Photo des cuillettes intégrée dans le logo Ecopoon


Make your customers fall in love with you for good.


Technical data

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