Touillette, the edible coffee spoon

Biscuit coffee stirrers

Dive into the delicious world of Touillette Ecopoon, the edible coffee spoon that transforms your coffee break into a gourmet moment. Our edible stirrers are more than just a wooden stirrer - they're a fun, tasty experience. Whether to accompany a cup of hot coffee, a fragrant tea or a refreshing beverage, our stirrers add a touch of crunch and flavour to every sip. Discover our range of edible touillettes with plain flavor or a speculoos or cocoa tip and amaze your colleagues and visitors.


The Biscuit coffee stirrer for a tasty experience

In Belgium, the marriage of biscuits and coffee is a delicious tradition. At Ecopoon, we have reinvented this combination by creating an exclusive recipe that combines the inimitable taste and smell of speculoos or cocoa with our edible coffee stirrers. They are not only tasty, but also hardy. No more ephemeral pleasures, our stirrers will accompany you throughout your coffee break.

Discover Ecopoon's Biscuit coffee stirrers that reinvent the pleasure of coffee.

Take your time with Ecopoon stirrers. You can leave your delicious Coffee stirrer to soak in your hot beverage for 5 minutes before it loses a little of its crunchiness. That way, your tea or coffee will be cold long before your stirrer loses its crunchy texture.


Delicious, durable and ecological stirrers

Teaspoons made from wood, bamboo and other materials are an improvement on the now-banned plastic ones. However, Ecopoon stirrers go one step further by using 100% natural ingredients in their recipe. With our Biscuit coffee stirrers, you’ll enjoy a unique taste, excellent resistance and a new pleasure: crunching your coffee stirrer! Don’t delay in discovering this unique experience.

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