Cuillette, the edible spoon for dessert

Immerse yourself in the delicious world of Cuillettes Ecopoon, the dessert spoons that revolutionize your taste experience. Made from 100% natural products, our dessert spoons are edible and totally compostable, offering an eco-friendly, zero-waste solution.


The edible dessert spoon for a unique gourmet experience

Much more than just a spoon, Ecopoon Spoons are a real treat for the taste buds. Their fine, neutral taste doesn’t interfere with the flavours of the main course, while their crunchy texture offers a pleasant mouthfeel. We put a lot of energy into creating the perfect balance for our edible spoons, and that’s how Cuillette was born. Its name highlights its crunchy, fun-to-taste appearance.

Discover Ecopoon Spoons, the reinvented dessert spoon.

We’ve reinvented the concept of the spoon, making it much more than a simple utensil. Ecopoon Spoons are an integral part of the dish you’re enjoying, offering a unique culinary experience. Their sturdiness and resistance mean that they retain their crunchiness for over 5 minutes in contact with a hot dish, and up to 10 times longer when cold. Imagine enjoying your dessert for almost 50 minutes with just one spoon!

As well as being functional, our edible spoons have a major advantage: they eliminate the need for dishes or waste. With Ecopoon, you can simplify your life while protecting the planet.


Edible, eco-friendly dessert spoons for crunchy pleasure

The experience of eating your spoon after a meal is unusual, but so much fun! Enjoy your favorite desserts with Ecopoon Cuillettes for an unforgettable gourmet experience. Whether you’re enjoying a delicious crème brûlée, creamy chocolate mousse or fresh fruit tart, our edible dessert spoons add a unique dimension to every bite. Their crunchy texture blends perfectly with the sweetness of desserts, creating a perfect balance between crunchiness and sweetness. With Cuillettes Ecopoon, every dessert becomes a feast for the taste buds. Don’t worry about the price, just contact us and be pleasantly surprised.

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