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Technical data

Find all the technical information on our products below.


Where to find your products?

To find our products, do not hesitate to refer to the interactive map in the “pro area” section.

ou can also contact us directly via the following email address :

Once the box is opened, how long will the products last?

The products are easy to store. We recommend folding the bag carefully after use, or possibly transferring the products into an airtight container. You will then be able to keep your products for many weeks, without difficulty.

The spoon does not soften once filled?

It is entirely possible to garnish the products several hours in advance, but it all depends on the level of “crunchiness” you want to maintain during your tastings.

What are your rates ?

*See price list

What are the packaging?

The basic carton (master carton) contains 8 small boxes of 200 to 500 pieces, depending on the products.

What is the MDB of the products?

The shelf life of the products is 12 months.

Does it actually holding in coffee/ice cream?

The products last for 1 hour in ice.

The products last between 5min and 10min in hot coffee before softening slightly.

Are the products solid?

The products undergo significant pressure during cooking, which makes them solid and crunchy, but still pleasant to eat.

What are your products made from?

Our products are similar to dry and crunchy biscuits. The main raw material is wheat flour. Add water, potato flakes, sunflower oil, sugar and salt.