Looking for a new way to use your cutlery? Discover Ecopoon...



Turn the time-consuming accessory of takeaway cutlery into a must-have for your customers. Not only is our cutlery both practical and highly resistant, but what about the experience it offers? Eating your spoon! Getting it to munch (preferably after!) on your takeaway is an indescribable pleasure until you've experienced it. Give your customers this pleasure!

Catering / Events

In-home catering and event organization are all part of the same battle: quality is in the details. Discover how Ecopoon edible cutlery can transform these important moments for your customers into an almost magical experience.


Grocery / Convenience store

It's not just at events or in the catering industry that edible cutlery has its place. Made locally, our Ecopoon cutlery is an eco-responsible product par excellence, perfectly suited to your grocery store or mini-market and available to your private customers. And in so many departments that our applications are so wide-ranging!


Many hotels and restaurants have already put their trust in Ecopoon - why shouldn't you? Our range of edible cutlery is ideal for a wide variety of uses in your establishment. Zakouski, dessert, ice cream, coffee, tea: there's an Ecopoon product for every occasion!



Ah the coffee machine! If she had a camera, she'd be talking a lot! And with Ecopoon spoons as a welcome replacement for unpleasant wooden or, worse still, plastic spoons, the crunchy surprise of a place setting that can be eaten would also fuel many a conversation.