Transform your customers' experience with our edible spoons

Looking for an innovative cutlery solution for your foodtruck? Discover Ecopoon’s edible spoons. Not only practical and durable, our edible cutlery offers your customers a unique culinary experience. Imagine your customers’ surprise when they discover they can eat their spoon after enjoying your delicious meal. It’s an indescribable joy that they have to experience to believe.


Our range of edible spoons for foodtrucks

Our Glacettes, Ecopoon ice cream scoops, are specially designed, as their name suggests, for the consumption of ice cream. Not only that, they can also be used for yoghurts and other sweet or savoury treats.

Our Spoons, slightly larger than a traditional teaspoon, can be used for a wide range of takeaway dishes, or for soup.

As for Touillettes, they’re a must with coffee or tea, especially with their hint of speculoos flavour.

Durable, tasty edible spoons

Ecopoon edible spoons are not only innovative, they’re also durable and delicious. Unlike cardboard or bamboo cutlery, our spoons resist heat for at least 5 minutes, and up to 50 minutes for a cold dish. Their unique crunchiness offers maximum end-of-meal enjoyment for your customers. Using our edible spoons guarantees that you won’t find a single piece of cutlery among your garbage, because your customers will devour every last crumb.


Reduce your waste with Ecopoon

By choosing Ecopoon edible spoons for your foodtruck, you’re taking an important step towards more sustainable waste management. Less plastic cutlery means less waste, less pollution and less hassle for you. Your customers will appreciate this eco-responsible approach, which will enhance their dining experience and strengthen their loyalty to your foodtruck.

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Interested in our edible spoons for your foodtruck? Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today to find out how our edible spoons can enhance your customers’ dining experience, reduce waste and give your business a modern, responsible image.

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