Apérette, the edible aperitif spoon of Ecopoon

Discover the Apérette Ecopoon, the revolutionary edible aperitif spoon that adds an ecological and practical touch to your zakouskis and appetizers. Gone are the days of bulky verrines and spoons: our Apérettes are edible and ultra-practical. Discover a new way to enjoy your aperitifs with style and respect for the environment!

Durable, deliciously crunchy and easy-to-use spoons

Ecopoon's edible aperitif spoons are ideal for all kinds of preparations, hot or cold. Their unique texture withstands heat for at least 10 minutes, so you can enjoy your hot zakouskis with complete peace of mind. And what about your favourite tuna salad or salmon mousse? Our Apérettes are guaranteed to last for 50 minutes, or even longer if served chilled. With their neutral taste and crunchy texture, they add a touch of fun to your zakouskis without altering their flavour.

Apérettes Ecopoon - La cuillère apéritive comestible pour des zakouskis savoureux

eFarmz : Alexandre Bibaut

Discover Apérettes Ecopoon, the innovative, eco-friendly appetizer spoon.

For aperitifs, receptions or buffets, Ecopoon Appetizer spoons will create a sensation. They add a delicious, innovative and environmentally-friendly touch to these moments of conviviality. Offer your guests a unique, eco-friendly experience with our Appetizer spoons. You’ll be helping to preserve the planet while delighting your guests.

Added value for your preparations

More than just cutlery, Ecopoon’s edible Appetizer spoon add value to your dishes and make your work easier. Opt for an exclusive look by personalizing your spoons with an engraving, such as your logo or the first name of the event host. Offering your guests a fun and original taste experience has never been easier or more accessible.


eFarmz : Alexandre Bibaut


After the party, our Ecopoon appetizer spoons make washing up a breeze!

Thanks to our Ecopoon Appetizer spoon, you’ll never have to worry about washing up and tidying up after your parties and events again! No need to worry about accidentally throwing away beautiful stainless steel cutlery with the garbage. Eliminate the hassle of picking up broken glassware from clumsy guests. With our edible appetizer spoons, enjoy to the fullest without constraints! Don’t waste another minute and order today your Ecopoon edible Apérettes!

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