A new culinary experience with our edible spoons for Horeca

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, always seeking to offer new experiences to its customers. At Ecopoon, we’re proud to contribute to this dynamic by introducing our innovative edible spoons. Already adopted by numerous hotels, restaurants and cafés, our spoons offer a sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional cutlery. But our edible spoons go beyond their main function: they’re a culinary experience in their own right, offering your customers a new and fun way to enjoy their food.

Adapt your menus with Ecopoon's edible spoons

Whether you’re serving zakouskis, desserts, ice cream, coffee or tea, we’ve got an edible spoon to suit every occasion. Our range offers subtle, neutral flavours that go perfectly with a variety of dishes. By integrating Ecopoon edible spoons into your menu, you offer your customers more than just a meal: you offer them a unique, engaging and memorable experience.

The superior quality of our edible spoons

Ecopoon is committed to offering high-quality edible spoons. We’ve developed spoons that retain their crunch even when dipped in hot coffee or served with cold dishes. This commitment to quality ensures that your customers enjoy an optimal taste experience every time.

Edible cutlery in your brand's image

Your brand image is important to us. That’s why we offer customizable edible spoons, on which we can engrave your establishment’s logo. By offering your customers branded edible spoons, you create a unique experience and reinforce your brand image.

Transform your hospitality practices with Ecopoon

By adopting Ecopoon edible spoons, you’re not only transforming your customers’ culinary experience, but also your approach to Horeca service. You demonstrate your commitment to innovation, sustainability and environmental responsibility. Introducing these unique spoons to your establishment is a step that is sure to be appreciated by your customers, reinforcing their loyalty to your brand. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your brand unforgettable.

Photo des cuillettes intégrée dans le logo Ecopoon


Make your customers fall in love with you for good.


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