Rosemary apérette, the edible appetizer spoon

Immerse yourself in the world of Ecopoon Apérettes, edible aperitif spoons that add an ecological and practical touch to your zakouskis and appetizers. Gone are the days of bulky verrines and spoons: our Apérettes are edible and ultra-practical. Discover a new way to enjoy your aperitifs with style and respect for the environment!

Discover Ecopoon Aperrettes with rosemary, the new way to enjoy your appetizers.

With Ecopoon, you can pamper your guests at your event or party, while simplifying your life. No more tedious cleaning of dozens of stainless steel verrines and appetizers that are not dishwasher-safe. Thanks to Ecopoon's edible appetizer spoons, your guests will enjoy them, or even devour them, and you'll forget all about washing up! No more broken verrines or lost spoons. A simple, practical solution for a stress-free post-event.


Durable, delicious and practical edible appetizer spoons

The subtle touch of rosemary added to our exclusive recipe enhances the unique crunchiness of Ecopoon spoons. It enhances the flavour of your hot or cold dishes and adds a distinctive aromatic note. Our spoons are durable, staying crisp for at least 10 minutes with a hot preparation and up to 50 minutes with a cold filling. If you store them in the refrigerator, their resistance is even longer. Prepare your event with peace of mind with our rosemary aperitif spoons.

Rosemary appetizers, an eco-friendly option

Ecopoon Rosemary Apérettes also offer an environmentally-friendly option for zakouski lovers. Made from natural ingredients and without plastic, these aperitif spoons are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional disposable utensils. By choosing Ecopoon aperitif spoons, you’re helping to reduce plastic waste and preserve our planet. What’s more, their delicate rosemary flavor adds an extra aromatic dimension to your culinary creations, delighting your guests’ taste buds.

Our edible spoons are also available in plain flavour! Contact us now for your samples.