Retail, adopt Ecopoon edible spoons

At Ecopoon, we’re proud to present our range of edible spoons. These are much more than just a tool for tasting your food. They are an innovative, environmentally-friendly solution that fits in perfectly with the current trend towards sustainable, responsible consumption. By offering your customers these edible spoons, you’re not only demonstrating innovation, but also responding to a growing demand for environmentally-friendly products.


A range of edible spoons for retail

Our edible spoons are designed to fit all your grocery products. Whether accompanying zakouskis, grissinis, coffee, tea or even desserts, our edible spoons add a touch of originality and durability that will appeal to your customers. Apérettes, our Appetizer spoons, Touillettes, a Biscuit coffee stirrer, Spoons for desserts, and even our ice cream spoons, each product in our range will find its place on one of your shelves.


Support local producers with Ecopoon edible spoons

At Ecopoon, we’re proud of our origins. Our edible spoons are made in the Liege region with natural, local ingredients. By offering our products in your grocery store, you reinforce your commitment to local, sustainable products. Our edible spoons are the perfect addition to your local produce department, showcasing regional craftsmanship while offering your customers a unique and responsible consumption experience.


Edible spoons in eco-responsible packaging

At Ecopoon, we go beyond simply making edible cutlery. We know that every detail counts when it comes to preserving our environment. That’s why we offer our edible spoons in environmentally-friendly packaging. Available in packs of 16 to 20, our edible spoons come in packaging designed to minimize their impact on the environment.

Photo des cuillettes intégrée dans le logo Ecopoon


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