Why Ecopoon?


For its quality!

With Ecopoon cutlery, say goodbye to polluting plastic cutlery that’s supposed to be reusable, forget wood or bamboo that feels rough in the mouth, and forget cardboard that will soften in seconds! With Ecopoon, you get a durable cutlery and cookie all in one.

Speaking of resistance, our products retain their crunchiness for more than 5 minutes when soaked in hot liquid, and for more than 50 minutes when exposed to cold. Coffee, soup, ice cream, yoghurt, dessert – they’ve got it all!

Because it's good!

Our different shapes and recipes can be adapted to any type of preparation. Choose a neutral taste if you want to highlight your own flavours, or opt for our versions with specific flavours, such as rosemary or speculoos, to add a finishing touch to your dishes. And whatever you choose, the crunchiness of Ecopoon is sure to delight your customers!


To help (really!) protect the environment

More than just a fad, sustainable development has become essential in the eyes of most people (86% of the population in Europe). By offering Ecopoon cutlery to your customers, you’ll be actively participating in the eco-responsible movement within your company.

Unlike many competing products, such as wood, bamboo or cardboard, Ecopoon products are not recyclable but compostable. Which makes a big difference to our planet…and to your garbage!


Reinforce your image!

As an option, it is indeed possible to engrave the logo or name of your company on our various products. All the more reason to strengthen your own brand image and give your customers anexperience that’s not just tasty, but visual too!


Because it's magic!

First times, whatever they may be, always form a lasting memory. And a place setting that can be eaten, well, that’s something! So be among the first to offer your customers this new experience, and watch them smile…


So, are you ready to add an original touch to your meals, desserts or coffees?